7 BEST Resume Formatting Tricks in 2021

top CV hacks in 2021

We have already written an outstanding 2021 resume format guide for our readers, but today we would like to supplement the information about how to catch hiring manager’s attention, crafting a winning resume. It’s not a secret that recruiters need a couple of seconds to understand whether you are the right candidate to fit a position, while scanning your CV. 

We’re going to share with you some resume formatting techniques on how to grab HR’s attention. Each resume is unique and has its own pros and cons. But if you will show two similar resumes to a hiring manager: 

  1. First one, which is formatted according to the recommendations below
  2. The second one – which is written and formatted as is

Hiring managers will pay much more attention to the first one resume, which was crafted according to the best resume techniques.

How to choose best resume format in 2021
Use the best 2021 CV format depends on your career path

Use the right resume format

Writing a good resume you need to start with a meaty resume content and proper CV format 2021. Before you even start creating a document, you need to fully understand what resume structure would enhance your chances to get a job. Each resume format is designed for different types of candidates experience. The better you understand which resume content you’d like to enhance, the better you know what type of resume you need.

targeted a resume for a job position
Target your resume to get more calls from hiring managers

Target your resume

The more you target your resume for a job description, the more chances you will have to get a call from a hiring manager. The main idea here is to provide a hiring manager the most relevant candidate. There are some specific techniques on how to target a resume in 2021 in the most effective way. Tailoring resume for a job description has the highest conversion rate. Despite the fact that it takes much time to tailor each resume for a specific job ad, still it’s the most effective approach.

using bullet points in resume
Do not hesitate to use bullet points formatting a resume

Use bullet points

Using right hints formatting your CV document is another outstanding way to concentrate hiring manager attention on specific details. Bullets are much better of cells of paragraphs and there are some reasons why. First of all, they would help you to save more space in your one-page resume template. Also they would help you to structure information right way attract HR’s attention to them. 

Quantify experience in CV 2021
The more numbers you can show, the more chances you have to get an invitation to interview

Show them numbers

Instead of writing poems about what were your main responsibilities on the previous jobs, it’s much better to think about how to quantify your achievements. They don’t want to read the same information on a daily basis. You need to help them understand why you are the best candidate to fit a desired position. Numbers are the best way to show your performance. Nobody cares about your main duties. Quantify your achievements and help them understand what you did and what value you brought.

exclude refferences from resume 2021
Simply do not include references to your resume in 2021

Remove references

Nobody cares about references on the resume screening stage. Nobody is going to use references in your CV. More likely they’re going to find your manager from the previous job and going to call him/her. Hiring managers understand that you have already include those contact persons, who will recommend you. But they want to hear not only “convenient” information about your candidacy.

using skills in resume 2021
How to show skills in resume?

Skill at the top of resume

Strictly depends on what type of CV format you are going to use, but still when you are including skills to a resume, try to place them at the top of resume. Functional resume format is the most suited in this case. If you are going to use chronological resume template – we recommend you to do some tiny edits with your resume layout. 

File name

Remember to name your resume file the right way, like: FirstName_LastName. It’s a real pain for hiring managers to find a specific resume file among tons of other candidates. Do not miss your chance to get a call. Name your resume file properly.

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