A winning chronological resume format for 2021

Why a chronological resume 2021 is so popular among millions of job seekers and loved by millions of hiring managers all round the world? Simply because it’s like a brilliant standard of all resume formats. It’s a kind of resume format, which helps to highlight your career path, achievements and all the most important information for experienced candidate. Unlike a functional resume template, it works much better for experienced candidates.

Chronological Resume 2021 – Do you worth it?

The one of the most used resume templates among job seekers with a detailed document structure inside and full transparency for recruiter. It also known as reverse-chronological resume, because your career path organized from current place of work back to previous periods.  If you would as an average job seeker about how resume layout looks like, most likely they would show you chronological resume format.

Why hiring managers prefer to scan chronological resumes than other types of resumes?

  1. It’s really easy to read. All the information structured in reverse-chronological order, so it’s not hard to understand what position do you obtain at the moment and how long are you there.
  2. Transparency. Each position listed in your resume, all responsibilities and achievements are written step-by-step and grouped by different projects. It’s the best format for HR to understand if specific candidate worth to be considered next or not.
  3. Not possible to hide something. Unlike other resume formats, chronological would not allow you to conceal employment gaps or often position changes. 
  4. Easy to track career path. When all the information grouped by projects with dates, achievements and responsibilities – you can quickly understand skills and seniority level of the candidate. 

Chronological resume examples 2021

Chronological resume Pros

  • The key importance – all the information is grouped in easy to read format for your reader. If you know how to add the most important information using this type of resume, you can increase your chances to get employed 10X times.
  • Well-known resume format by everybody who somehow faced recruitment process or deal with candidates. 
  • If you used to work in huge corporation or well-known companies or organizations, chronological template is a must have resume layout in your case. Using other resume templates, it would be harder to stress company name.
  • When it comes to recruitment process and hiring managers are looking for a more senior positions, they would prefer to scan chronological resumes first. 

Chronological resume Cons

  • Not compatible with candidates, whose career history includes employment gaps. HR would easily recognise it. 
  • Not the best solution for those candidates, who are doing a transition from one position to another. For example, if you used to work as a dental assistant for the last 15 years and now you are looking for sales manager position – that’s not for you. They would try to match your experience with open position to understand how you can potentially match it. 
  • Don’t make the same mistake as other students or fresh grads do using this resume format. It would simply kill your chances to be even considered for an interview.

As you can see from the pros and cons above, if you an average candidate with 5+ years of experience without huge employment gaps, it’s a good idea to use all the benefits from using this resume layout. In other cases, we would recommend you to try other resume 2021 templates.

How a Chronological Resume Template 2021 Looks like

We decided to take a typical chronological resume to show you in details what sections are important and what you can omit. 

Contact details – Should placed on the most prominent place at your resume. Most Likely candidates place this information at the top of the document.

Experience – All the job should be placed in reverse-chronological order. With dates in format date_strat_job – date_quit_job.

Skills – Skils are not the most important section in chronological resume, thus all the attention will be on work experience section. Still it’s a good addition to enhance your resume using this resume block. F

Accomplishments – Whomever you are, accomplishment it’s a good chance to quantify your experience for a hiring manager to understand who you are and how senior you are. Do not hesitate to add them to a resume mixing with awards.

Chronological resume structure

Now we’re going to deep into some details and will explain what should in resume sections mentioned above. 

Contact details

The one of the most easy to write section in resume. Fields are pretty common. Below you will find the most important to include, other are less important. 

  • Last name
  • First name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Remember to follow some rules, when adding information to this section. First of all, do not include a corporate email address, private only. If you have a LinkedIn profile, feel free to show it to your reader. Most hiring managers like to scan candidates using LinkedIn profile, especially when it comes to CV applied via application form.


As you have already understood, experience section in chronological resume is the most important part of resume. 

The main idea here is to show the hiring manager how you performed on your previous positions. Show them your traction and your growth. If you have enough experience, try to include transitions to a higher position.

Where it’s possible – ad numbers, which could tell the hiring manager how well you performed. 


Skills are important as well, even if it’s not a skills-based resume. Use this section as an additional information, which will empower your candidacy. 

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