Best Resume Format for 2021 Which Works

latest CV 2021 formats

All you need to know about how to impress a hiring manager, it’s a good resume format and clear to understand content inside. When it comes to a professionally written resume, resume content is not the only winning option. A resume format is another key parameter, which could help you to land a job. 

Most Used Resume Formats

We’re not going to deep into hard to understand details about tiny differences between each resume format. There is no need to do that because you are here to get an interview, but not to learn everything about resumes. Only three resume templates should be interesting for you. All of them are well-known by a hiring managers and would be clear to read and recognize. The key differences are in the career path, experience, and skills you have.

Best resume formats 2021 are still the same:

As you have already assumed, each format of resume designed and created to highlight a candidate’s strengths and conceal gaps.

#1. Chronological Resume

A chronological resume (sometimes referred to as a “reverse-chronological” resume) is the most standard resume format. It lists your most current job at the top of your work history section, followed by your earlier experiences in chronological order.

A chronological resume is the most used format by job seekers and well known by recruiters. Also known as “general”. Needs a quite impressive work experience from a candidate. Requires structured information listed strictly in reverse chronological order.

Chronological resume format 2021
All you need to know about chronological resume templates 2021 to get a job and win a competition

When a chronological resume could be a good option for you:

  1. Impressive career path. Writing a professional resume using a chronological resume template will bring you much better results when it’s not the first job you apply. The chronological template requires a job seeker to have enough experience to show in resume. Even though, such experience should be relevant to a job you are willing to get. In other words, get a bit of experience before you will be ready to use it.
  2. Everything is transparent. Nothing to hide from a hiring manager’s eyes. Each job transition was transparent, without any employment gaps. Reading a resume it’s easy to understand that you used to have some promotions. There are no often job changes. Changing positions too often is not the best thing to show to a recruiter. If it’s about you, you’d better think about other resume formats.

Using a chronological resume, you will put more weight to work experience. As you can see above, this type of resume format puts all the weight to your previous place of works in chronological order.

I need to pick a chronological resume format 2021 if:

  • There are no huge employment gaps in my career path, which would be hard to explain
  • My career path is fully transparent
  • A job I’m looking for will be in the same or similar field
  • I want to show my growth to a hiring manager
  • I haven’t changed my jobs to frequent
  • My job is going to in a similar field or area

#2. Functional Resume

The functional resume format is also known as a skill-based resume. As you can see below on your resume structure sample, this type of resume format requires to be focused on skills. 

In contrast to a chronological resume, everybody could use it without losing chances during the screening process. A key value for a hiring manager in terms of a functional resume is a candidate’s skills. Present skills at the top of your resume.

Selling skills instead of a long story of your previous experience. It’s fully up to you and optional if you’d still want to add your previous experience. In general, this type of resume format doesn’t require it. 

Functional resume template 2021
If you’re looking for a job and don’t have any experience – skill-based resume is the best option for you.

  When a functional resume structure is a good option for you:

  1. You are selling skills. Using a skill-based resume, you are placing skills at the top of the document. Doing that, the hiring manager could easily find them in seconds. The more relevant information for your reader, the more chances you have to get an invitation to an interview.
  2. Hard or soft skills are your main assets.  This resume format doing everything for you to promote your skills. So, if your work experience is not impressive enough, it’s better to use this type of resume template.
  3. Nobody cares about employment gaps. Focusing on skills, everything else will be behind the curtain. For the screening process, it’s a brilliant opportunity to add some points to your chances to be invited for an interview.

As you can see, a functional resume is a fully concentrating reader on your skills section. That means, that this resume block should be outstanding. Understanding that, we have already prepared a list of top recommendations about how to place skills in the most effective and positive light.

I need to pick a functional resume format 2021 if:

  • Some troubles with a consistency of employment and pretty huge employment gaps
  • Job positions or places of work has been changed too often 
  • I’m doing a transition into a brand new industry or area
  • My hard and soft skills are more impressive compared to my career path or work experience
  • The position I’m going to apply matches with my skills-set 100%
  • I simply don’t want to show my previous experience or full career path
  • I’m a fresh graduate and simply have a lack or no experience at all.

#3. Combination resume

In spite of other resume formats, a combination resume template is the best option for those candidates who would like to mix two resume formats above. The hybrid structure allows you to effectively combine your skills with work experience.

If to deep into details, the best possible combination resume structure can be split into sections below:

  1. Structured and professional resume objective or summary
  2. List of skills
  3. List of work experience
Combination resume format 2021
An outstanding resume format for experienced candidates, who would like to share all the experience and highlight skills.

I need to pick a combination resume format 2021 if:

  • The skill-set portfolio is much more enhanced and you’d like to emphasize some skills
  • You are open to new challenges in completely different areas
  • There is enough work experience to show in your resume

How to format a resume 2021 – Helpful Tips

Each resume, which was written by a candidate looks like a marketing document in the recruiter’s eyes. Each candidate is trying to sell his or her candidacy better than another one.  Each job seeker is fighting for a hiring manager’s attention when it comes to a resume scanning process. Now it’s time to understand how to make resume layout 2021 much more attractive and professional to win a competition.

One Page Resume

Unless you’re writing a federal resume, the best length of your resume 2021 should be no more than one page.

Why is it so important? First of all, because of hiring managers, who as always, don’t have time to read resumes carefully and attentive. If they would read your CV for more than 10 seconds, doing a resume scanning process – that would be fantastic! That’s why it’s so important to place all the information into one page. The less information you put, the more important it would be.

Most Used Resume Fonts

There are tons of different fonts you can use writing a resume. Each of them is unique and stylish. The only concern is about perception and how easy the hiring manager could read your resume. Furthermore when it’s not a common font.

The best fonts to use writing a resume:

  • Book Antiqua
  • Georgia
  • Lato
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Arial Narrow
  • Garamond
  • Calibri

Does a Resume Font matters?

There is nothing to discuss here. The most comfortable and easy to read resume font lay within 10” – 12”. Choosing the right font size, you need to guide the next principles: easy to read, one-page resume, creative layout, ATS can recognize your font.

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