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As you probably already know, there are tons of different resume formats, which candidates use to stand out from the crowd. Today we’re going to talk about the most common resume formats 2021, which could help you bring a new job. Depends on the situation, you can pick different resume layout. There are tons of ways on how proper resume format can stand you out in the most positive light and strengthen your chances. 

In this post we’re going to look at the most popular types of resume formats. Without deep into details, thus you will have a great chance to feel the difference between them and understand which one would be the best option for you. Let’s start from the most used to less used, but still popular among job seekers.

Chronological Resume Format

A chronological resume template is one of the most used resume formats by job seekers. It’s really popular among candidates of different seniority level. If you would ask them about resume, 9 of 10 would show you chronological CV. At the same time this resume template is well known by hiring managers and they really love it. Why they like this type of resume, we will try to answer next.  

Chronological Resume Examples 2021

First of all, chronological resume requires an impressive career path and huge experience from a candidate. If it’s not about you, it’s a good idea to try other resume formats to increase your chances to get employed. 

Why hiring managers trying to scan candidates with a chronological resume first? Because in this type of resume is not possible to hide something. You have all the work experience written in strict reverse chronological order. You are fully transparent! On the other hand, if you have an impressive career in a well-known company with a solid experience and accomplishments – you will win this game! Because this type of resume is for such candidates.

Functional Resume

Another good resume format, but using a completely different approach. This type of resume template focus on skills you have, instead your career path. In other words, this resume format is crafted to emphasize your skills. Both of them hard skills and soft skills. All the other information is additional and only helps the hiring manager to understand the whole picture. 

Functional Resume Examples 2021

Functional resume is also well known as skills-based resume. First of all you sell skills to future employees. Work history is not a required section in resume, it’s optional.

It’s an outstanding option for those candidate’s, whose work experience is not impressive enough, but has a pretty strong skill-set. Another good reason to use this type of resume, when you changed places of work too often, jumping from one place to another. Also it will be interesting for candidate’s. Whose employment gaps are huge enough and it would be hard to explain them during an interview. 

Functional CV format is the best for those job seekers, who don’t want to sell skills set! 

Combination Resume

Combination resume format is also known as “Hybrid” resume. It’s a mix of two different resume templates – chronological  and function. Most candidates use it for different purposes. The main idea here is combine skill-set section with a work experience into one document. There are no accent on work history or skills section neither. You are doing a mix, trying to sell hiring manager the whole picture on how an outstanding resume can look like. 

Mixing work history with a skills is not the best practice in some cases. You are losing focus. In some cases it’s much easier to use more specific structure of your resume, choosing between functional and chronological one. 

The main risk here – lack of information about your career path. If you are providing it, hiring managers want to see it all. In other case it could be recognized as an intention to conceal some data. 

Infographic Resume

The one of the most trendy approach in resume writing industry – infographic resume. An outstanding way to impress the hiring manager with a colored pictures and numbers. Be sure, every hiring manager seeing such resume is going to read it. So, if it works, why not everybody use it? 

Infographic Resume Examples 2021

The key reason here is an applicant tracking systems! Infographic resume is not possible to recognize by ATS. It’s not possible to extract keywords from pictures at the moment or not all ATS systems support this type of recognition. That’s why it could be really tricky. 

Another risk here – hiring managers prefer to read resumes using standard extensions like (.doc, .docx, pdf, etc.) Not all of them ready to open jpeg or other files, which are not associated to them with a candidates resume.

Targeted Resume

A targeted resume template is not only the simple CV, it’s one of the most concersive resume template among all the resume templates you could find. A key idea here – you are not working with resume layout, you are concentrating all efforts to target a resume to a desired position using job description.

There are no doubts,that hiring managers are more likely to invite candidate’s, whose resume is more targeted to an open position. Thus, your main goal for now – to craft a resume according to announced position. 

Video Resume

Want to follow the latest resume trends 2021 and get employed? Enhance your resume via video resume. It’s a new way on how you can present yourself compared to more traditional resume formats. 

Why it works more effective compared to other templates? First of all, you give them what they want! Hiring managers can quickly assess your communication and self-presentation skills. It would help to save your and their time, in case you are not the best candidate for an open position.

Personal Blog

Another new and effective resume format. All you need is to create your personal website with your resume inside. A key advantage here – your resume is always online and you don’t need to worry about ATS or other thing, which could decrease your chances to get employed.

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