Customer Service Resume 2021 Templates

customer support resume 2021

Who is a customer service representative and why so many candidates are looking for the best resume samples to get this position? Customer service representatives are also known as customer support representatives. The key role of such candidates is to build successful and strong relationships with current clients and to provide cutting-edge service for new clients. 

In other words, you help clients to solve their issues, whenever they face them. To increase your chances to get this position, we recommend reading some advice below. First of all – use a chronological resume if it’s possible to use it. You need to show your career path. The more experience you have as a customer service manager, the more chances you have to get a job. It’s important to show! 

Skills are not a key factor here, only if it’s not a senior or top position. If the company is looking for a junior customer service representative, a functional resume would be ok. You can add the most relevant skills to your resume and match them to job ad description to get a higher chance. 

Customer Service Representative Resume Examples 2021

Optimize Your Customer Success Service Resume

Hiring managers are looking for the best candidates. Your goal is to help them understand that your resume and experience is relevant enough. Below you could find some tips on how to increase conversion into an interview for a customer service representative specialist. 

  1. Format your resume according to the latest resume template 2021 guide and focus them on your relevant experience. For this position, it’s really important to show previous successful experience in this position. To achieve the desired result, use a proper resume format.
  2. Do not try to focus on hard skills. For customer service positions they are less important compared to soft skills. You need to be a brilliant specialist and have outstanding skills when it comes to conflict-solving and negotiation processes. 
  3. If you are not a social persona, you’d better hide this information. In other cases, if you have a social profile and they are “clean”, we would recommend showing them in your CV.
  4. If you used to work with such metrics like NPS (net promoter score) – it’s a good idea to show it in your resume. Even though, if you increase such metrics, it’s better to show in the accomplishment section.
  5. Get more benefits including some metrics, which could show hiring managers how much money you saved or brought to a company. It would boost your chances to be considered as a really interesting candidate.
  6. More invitations for a job interview would get those candidates, who would mix accomplishments with experience. Recruiters don’t want to read vague experience descriptions, they want to understand what value you could bring.

Customer Success Specialist  Resume – Skills to include

As we have already mentioned before, customer service representatives should have strong and proven soft skills. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have any hard skills to do your job effectively. 

We do not recommend you use somebody’s skills and include them in your resume. Instead of that, we would like to show you a complete another approach, which could bring you much better results. All you need is a verified LinkedIn profile. If you still don’t have one, it’s a good idea to create it. 

Open a LinkedIn home page a stat typing a position you’d like to get. Most likely, you are going to type “Customer service representative” 

how to write customer service resume 2021

Search for different job openings. Inside job ads, you could find the most relevant skills hiring managers would like to see in your resume. Why not add them to your CV?

how to write customer service resume 2021

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