How to get a job writing a targeted resume 2021

targeted cv 2021

How to write a resume, which could bring you an invitation for an interview? It’s possible to optimize a resume 2021 the way it could bring you a contact from a hiring manager. In resume writing world, this type of resume format called as targeted resume. 

Targeted resume examples 2021

It’s not about resume layout, it’s more about a special approach in resume writing. The core idea here is to tailor your CV to a vacant position. The targeted resume is, the more chances you have to get an interview. Hiring managers recognize you as the most relevant candidate. The most relevant candidates has more chances to get an invitation for an interview. Below we’re going to deep into some details on how to tailor a resume to a job description the right way, to keep it looks professional

Do I really need to targeted a resume?

It’s not required and optional! BUT if you want to increase a conversion from applied CV’s to a contact from hiring managers. These days, when a competition between candidates is really high, you need to use some resume writing approaches, which could bring you real results. 

Targeted resume is one of them!  There are some ways on how you can increase hiring manager’s attention using a professional resume templates or best resume examples 2021. BUT at the end, hiring managers are looking for the most relevant candidates. The more tailored resume you have, the more chances you have. Pretty simple!

How to create a Target Resume 2021

Before you start writing a targeted resume, we would like to share with you some expertize on how it should be done the proper way. Below you will see a detailed real approaches which works for many job seekers.

Extract keywords from job description

Get only those, which are important!

Before you start tailoring a resume to get a desired position, you need to understand all the matching criteria. In our case, you would need to match your resume to a job description for a job you’d like to get. 

Thus, the first thing you need to do is to extract content. Copy job description text to MS excel or google documents. You need a fully targeted resume, so do not hesitate to copy paste other the most relevant job descriptions to your document. 

Once work is done, it’s time to move on to the next step below.

Tag cloud for tardeted CV 2021

Find the keywords with the highest capacity

As you can see on the picture, we created a tag cloud from 10 different job descriptions. 

The next part of your perfect targeted CV name is “investigation”. You’re going to determine the most relevant and the most common keyword in already copied job descriptions below. Why you need to do that? Because the next your job will be to match include these keywords to your resume.

The most popular technique is to create a tag cloud. It would help you to understand the most relevant and often to use keywords inside different job descriptions. Below you can see a real example. We decided to reproduce this process for a “administrative assistant” position. All the job descriptions we get from and processed by popular tag cloud generator. 

Get the most relevant keywords to your CV

Define which keywords you need to include to your CV

Once you have already created tag cloud online, it’s a good time to think about implementing such keywords to your resume. First of all, to target your resume to a desired positions. Should you include all the keywords to your resume? Of course NO. Only those you miss and the most relevant to your position. Don’t make the same mistakes other candidates do, when they are copy pasting everything to their resume document. Doing an exercise below, we’re not fighting against ATS machines, we’re targeting a resume to get the higher conversation to get invited for an interview. 

Targeted Resume 2021 Tips & Instructions

Below you can find some instructions on how to reach better results tailoring resume to get a job. We tried to sum up all the information to give you some exact targeted resume writing tips, which you could find 100% useful.

Resume summary of qualifications – min attention

Most Likely resume summary section would not modify from one targeted resume to other targeted resume. It does not require significant changes from you. It’s better to create ane summary section for all array of targeter resume you are going to create and simply reuse it. If you are looking for different roles, it’s a good idea to create different resume summary sections.

Skills sections – max attention

We’re not talking about skills-based resume, however this resume section requires enough attention from a job seeker. We recommend you to create the same cloud tag to identify the most needed skills, technologies or soft skills from the candidates, who are looking for the same positions as you are. 

A good example on how to manage this process could be a linkedIn. Add keywords to search field with a position name you are looking for to search for vacancies. Open job ad and gather relevant skills to an open position. 

resume skills section
Another good example showing us how easy to create a list of keywords, which could help you to produce skills tag cloud

Gather as much skills from relevant job openings as possible. Reuse the same cloud tag generator to identify the most desired skills by HRs. Include them to your CV 2021.

Target experience section to vacancy descriptionmid attention

If you have already decided to use unique targeter resume for a specific job ad, we recommend you to adjust duties and accomplishments. The main idea is pretty simple! You need to reuse some phrases from the job description and add them to your resume.

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