How to write Nanny Resume 2021 (+Examples)

babysitter resume 2021

Good news. Today you’re going to talk about nanny resumes and how it looks like. If you have opened this post, that means you’re in the right place. Nanny is a highly competitive job position in the US. There are many reasons why. First of all, you don’t need to have a special degree to start looking after children. It’s a good opportunity to get extra money if you’re still studying at university or college. The third reason – if you’re not a waiter, you’re a nanny.

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Due to high competition, you need to know how to win a game. First of all, the labor market is filled with certified nannies. You need to know how to craft your nanny resume 2021 to compete with them and get the desired position. We have analyzed tons of nannies resumes and created an outstanding checklist, which you need to follow. 

Nanny resume examples 2021

Nanny contact information

One of the most important resume sections for a nanny resume is contact information and photos. Due to existing rules, you can not add a photo to a resume and it’s fully up to you. But at the same time, parents prepare to see a photo of a person, who will take care of their child. That’s why our strong recommendation is to include a photo to a resume.

Contact details. To be frank, a lot of parents do not deep into details and more often call to do a screening interview. Remember to double-check your contact details. If you can’t manage to write a correct cell number, how are you going to look after the baby? 

Social profiles. Parents are more likely to call those candidates, who have FB or other social profiles. Keep it clean and remove photos from your last party. That’s not what they are expecting to see from their nanny. 

Nanny resume header structure

  • Full name | Last name
  • Email
  • Cell phone number
  • Physical address

The more information you provide, the more chances you will get to have a new job.

How to compete with other candidates?

As you can understand, parents receive tons of different resumes from different candidates daily. Now we’re going to provide you some life hacks on how to stand out from a crowd and get more attention from your potential employee. 

Resume summary. For a nanny position, it’s one of the most important resume sections. Due to high competition and lack of time (reader’s time) – you need to explain in a few sentences, why you are the best to fit the desired position. Try to read the job description and target your summary for it. The more targeted resume you will provide, the more chances you will have.

What’s inside resume summary section

  1. Up to four sentences about yourself and your previous relevant experience in this area.
  2. Stand out the most relevant skills according to the job description.
  3. Do not overwhelm resume summary with useless information like: hobbies, why you are the best, etc.
  4. Certificates would be a big plus.

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