Latest Resume Trends 2021

Still looking for a new job or can’t understand why do they ignore your CV? This year is a bit different from previous, when we’re talking about resume writing and application process. Maybe you’re still using old-fashioned or not trendy approaches, which are more irritating than useful nowadays. Today we’re going to deep into some resume writing approaches to understand what is still working and could bring good results and what is better to stop doing right now.  

2021 Resume Trends which works

Soft skills over Hard skills

During the last 10 years huge companies paid enough attention to candidates soft skills during the interview process. More and more candidates with an outstanding hard skills were rejected without any understanding what’s going on.. Times changes, every company is not a simple array of people, who are doing their jobs – they are team! A good and effective team with their internal culture and mission. Teammates, who can work together effectively and trust each other. If you are not part of this culture or you can’t fit, you can’t be part of this team. Even if you’re a senior specialist with impressive career path. Teamwork – that’s what every HR would like to keep and avoid difficult persons to get in.

 How you can be prepared or train such skills? It’s not so easy task to do. When people gets older, it’s much more simple for them to boost their hard skills than soft skills. Still, you need to read more about emotional intelligence. 

If you already know what is that, you have much more chances during an interview. If you have never heard about it – it’s a good chance to start reading about it. Prepare your resume for EQ questions and show the hiring manager that you are in trend. Tty to include some short stories with some situations, where you can show how to use EQ and the way you managed a situations.

Social media profile matters more than you expect

These days, you can get a job even without a resume, but when you run a blog or have an outstanding Facebook or LinkedIn profile. If you think that your CV is the only one thing an average hiring manager scan when you apply a resume, you are completely wrong. If you are interesting candidate and they decided to “investigate” you, social media profiles is the next step in their process checklist. 

Before you start searching for a new job, the next thing you need to do – to put in order your social media profile. Worst thing that can happen – to get your resume in a trash pile, because of bad social media profile. Statistic is not comforting, 1 of 4 candidates was rejected after a successful screening interview. We do believe that social presence and profile reputation is what you should care about to get employed in 2021.

Improve your presence online in 2021

As you can see, digital resumes, linkedIn profiles or online resumes are becoming more and more popular today. Why does it happen? First of all, because it’s much easier to provide a link to a hiring manager upon request. 

The second good thing – you will increase the reach of people who can see your resume online. In other words, the more people or hiring managers (LinkedIn case) could see your resume, the more chances you have to get employed. That’s why we often suggesting our candidates to fill linkedIn profile or use facebook as a tool for job search process.

Hack an ATS system

Don’t know how to increase your chances to get your resume seen by a hiring manager? We know how! To hack an applicant tracking systems. According to the latest trends, share of hiring manager who are using ATS is growing daily. It’s like a corporate standard in hiring process today. 

Why don’t you want to use this opportunity to improve your chances among other candidates? Read more about how an ATS-optimized resume 2021 could help you to land a new job this year and start following best practices.

Some tech skills are still matters

Even your soft skills are awesome, a good candidate should have an amount of hard tech skills, which could help him / her to do their job in a more effective way. Hiring managers pay enough attention to that! How you can handle such cases? EASY!

Open LinkedIn. Search for candidates, whose online profile is similar to yours. Write their skills, creating a list. Check your skills and add some skills, which you could find necessary to add. Remember to add level of skills, the way it LinkedIn does, for example Excel – medium, etc.

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