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student resume samples 2021

How to write a winning student resume 2021

That’s a really interesting case when a resume objective does matter. Let’s try to analyze the situation. You are a student, who recently finished school. No experience, skills, recommendations…Nothing. To be frank, you are the same candidate, like tons of other students, who applied their resume to a vacant position. 

What could help you to stand out from a crowd? A resume objective is the only thing, which could help you to be different from a crowd. That’s why we would like to deep into some details to help you win this game using this resume section. A student resume objective is a great place to show a hiring manager a good combination of applicant skills, experience, and motivation.

Let’s have a look some student resume objective examples

  1. Emphasis on GPA as a prove of responsibility and fast-learner

“GPA – (3.7/4.0) with high responsibility to any tasks and willingness to use all my knowledge to bring outstanding results.”

  1. Focus on skills, which you can use to show good results

“Will do my best to use my skills in programming to provide a company with the best solution as a summer intern.”

Before you are going to apply to any position, try to understand who they are looking for and whether an open position is right for you. Stay persistent and try again and again. The competition here is high. 

Student 2021 Resume Templates

Education section as an indicator

It’s not a secret that education performance metrics like GPA is a good indicator for a hiring manager to understand how well a specific candidate performed. That’s why some recruiters ask students to include GPA scores to their resume when they apply to specific positions. Not all the students can show off a high GPA in their resume. If you can, why don’t you want to do that? 

Let’s have a look at what can be included in this resume section:

  1. GPA score (3.7/4.0)
  2. Awards. Do not hesitate to add awards to your resume. It would tell much more to a recruiter about your candidacy.
  3. Achievements. Have any achievements, which you could place here?
  4. Relevant coursework, which could tell HR that you are a relevant candidate.

At first, they are going to search for your GPA score. After they find it, they would try to find any information, which could help them understand whether you are the relevant candidate for their job opening. That’s why you need to include all the information about coursework or any other relevant information. 

SKILLS are important

Even if you are a student, you have a set of unique soft and hard skills, which could be interesting for your potential employee. Sometimes, students do not expect that some skills they have are worthwhile and simply do not include them in a resume.  

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