Nurse Assistant (CNA) Resume Templates 2021

cna CV resume examples for 2021

Due to high competition and a huge amount of different responses from our users, we decided to create a full post related to certified nurse assistant positions. We’re not going to deep into details what exact questions we received, but we’re going to bring some light to this job position. As usual, we have also prepared nurse assistant resume examples 2021 for those readers, who would like to get inspired or use them as samples.

Now, let’s move to the CNA (certified nurse assistant) position. As you can understand, this position is not going to be boring and requires candidates to be hardworking, attentive to details and patience. 

Before you will start applying to nurse assistant positions, let’s try to answer some questions below. Maybe this job role is not right for you)

  1. Do you really like or interested in providing care to other people?
  2. Have you ever tried to save somebody’s life?
  3. Are you ready to be a good teammate for your team? If you have some trouble or are not ready to work in a team, it’s a good time to change something.

Nurse Assistant Resume 2021 Examples

So, if you have answered all the questions above and nothing could change your mind, it’s time to move forward. Before you start writing a resume 2021, we’re going to share with you some tips about CNA resume writing. 

Nurse assistant skills – most important part

Nurse Assistant resume skills 2021

In contrast to some other positions, a nurse assistant position requires you some hard and soft skills, which could be required (not optional). This means that you can’t get a position if you are not familiar with some techniques or technologies. 

Before you could start your career as a certified nurse assistant, you need to finish training programs. Depends on specialty, you would need to add special hard skills to your resume. Below, you could find the most popular CNA skills, which you could add to your resume.

Soft skills are important as well. You will communicate with different types of personalities. Your soft skills should be on a high level to bring visitors a good experience during their visits. 

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