Optimized Functional Resume Template 2021

finctional CV 2021
functional resume 2021

Functional resume format could be a tricky option for some candidates, but for most candidates in some situations – that’s the best option. Depends on your experience, career path and set of skills, this type of resume format could be a good option for you as well, as other resume 2021 formats. Completely different approach from chronological template, where you need to highlight career path and main achievements. This type of resume should focus a reader on your skills. Both soft and hard skills. Even if you have some troubles in career path, with a huge employment gaps or you decided to change area once and for all.

Functional Resume vs. Chronological Resume

It’s one of the most discussed question among tons of job seekers. Functional resume would miss most of required attributes, which you could find in chronological format. Chronological resume requires you to focus on experience. For each job you have held, you need to provide detailed information including job title, description, company name, etc. Each section must placed in reverse-chronological order. 

What does it mean for you? Full transparency. Even if you’d like to hide some information from a hiring manager, you simply can’t do that, because a resume structure requires to follow it according to well-known and accepted standards. 

Unlike chronological resume format, functional resume could bring you much more freedom. Using this type of resume, you don’t need to concentrate readers attention on work history. Skills – that’s what are they looking for in a resume. The best practice is to divide skills into two clear groups: hard skills and soft skills. 

Skills combined to projects you have managed without strict tight to dates is the best way on how chronological resume structure could be. Even if you have some gaps in your work experience, nobody would know it. 

Functional resume examples 2021

The core of functional resume format

As we have already mentioned above, you should place skills section above details considered your career path. This is the core idea, which make functional resume template different from the other resume formats. If you’d like to strengthen a resume, you can do that including some achievements or awards.  Now let’s deep into functional resume structure below.

Functional resume structure consist of some sections:

  • Personal data
  • Resume summary
  • Skills section
  • Professional experience | projects
  • Education section

Where to begin functional resume

Before you start reading a text below, we hope you have already make a decision what type of resume format you are going to use, because next we’re going to cover events considering functional resume 2021 format.

Start brainstorming. Take a piece of paper and pencil. Start writing a list of skills, both hard and soft, which you possess. Once you finished with that, move to the next part of this process.

Clustering. Divide soft skills from hard skills. Create two different lists, one with soft skills, other with hard. This exercise would help you, when you would use functional resume examples 2021 or using a resume builder to craft a brand new functional resume.

Bind events / projects with skills. Once you finished with the previous step and skills are already clustered into two groups, the next step is to bind skills to projects. Main goal here is to show the hiring manager your growth. Each new projects / event / place of work – brings you new experience and skills as a result. 

Do an ATS test

Once you have already finished with an exercise below and created two clouds of skills binded with previous work experience, it’s time to pass an ATS test. Companies invest tons of money to optimize HR daily routine jobs to make their daily processes more effective. That’s why huge companies invest money into ATS solutions, especially in US. 

Applicant tracking systems are not so complicated, if to deep into the core processes inside. The main idea is to scan candidate’s CV for a keywords, which were already by a hiring manager for a dedicated position. If your CV 2021 contains enough keywords, which matches with HR’s list – your chances to get your resume inbox are pretty good. 

ATS hack tip. If you have a job position description, you can use it as a source of desired keywords, which recruiter already included into their check-list. 

Who should use functional resume in 2021 – Best Practices

Below we listed key portraits of persons, who would get value from using this type of resume template:

  • Candidates, who decided to change job area completely and looking for a job in a different industry or domain.
  • If your portfolio matters. When you don’t have impressive enough portfolio to amaze recruiter. 

Not always a functional resume could be the best solution for entry level candidates or fresh grads. As we have already mentioned before, skills should be bind with achievements or projects. If you can’t do that, it’s better to use other template to increase chances.

Pros and Cons


  • It gives you the power to sell skills, not career path or portfolio. At the same time, it doesn’t mean you are inexperienced candidate.
  • Not obvious for a hiring manager who you are in terms of career path. It could increase your chances to get invited for an interview.


  • Skills are your main asset. That’s all you can show to a hiring manager, which could be a losing strategy, compared to other candidates in the competition.
  • “Trying to conceal something” or “tricky candidate”. That’s what hiring managers think about this type of resume template.

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