CV mistakes 2021
2021 top resume mistakes
Common resume mistakes to avoid in 2021

For the last last we have seen tons of different resumes. Each resume included unique content, but most of them include the same mistakes. Our today’s post is fully related to mistakes. Mistakes in your resume, which you need to avoid. 

Spelling and grammar mistakes

Number one mistake, which irritates hiring managers the most. When you have already finished writing a resume, it is a good idea to use spell checker to proofread it. It’s not a hard task to do. If you don’t know how to do it, ask somebody to read your CV. Stop doing the same mistakes other candidates do.

Using uncommon file extension

Most recruiters using applicant tracking systems, which help them to manage candidates flow. If you are going to use special software for crafting your resume, it could be a tricky moment for you. Even if you are using special software, it’s a good idea to convert your CV into a most common file extension like docx or doc. If it’s not possible to do that, use PDF. 

Untargeted resume for a specific position

Most candidates wonder why nobody calls them after they have already applied a resume to a specific position. There could be tons of different reasons WHY it happens, but the most often case – your resume is not targeted to job description. Tailoring a resume to a position, which you’d like to obtain is a hard job, but you’ll get good results in return.

Unprofessional resume layout

If you are writing a resume, you need to pay enough attention to a resume layout! The more professional resume template you are going to use, the better it is. It’s not about resume content. It’s more about how easy your CV is to read. If it’s hard to match some details or data is not structured well enough, you have a low chance to get a call.

Do not tell about duties

A lot of candidates try to write in their resume what they did, instead of showing what was done and what results they get. It’s not the approach which brings you a new job. In this case, hiring managers can’t understand how effective you were in your previous place of work. That’s why it’s important to show numbers in a resume. If you have some numbers, which could tell the hiring manager what value you brought, it’s important to include them in a resume document.

Too much content

Nobody wants to read a vague content, which you add to a resume. You have one page to show to the hiring manager the most interesting and important information. Remove useless blocks like hobbies, references, resume objective, etc. All this information they could clarify during an interview. Try to write a resume, which could help you to be invited for an interview.

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