TOP Resume Tips 2021 to Follow

top CV 2021 tips

1 Resume is marketing document

Resume tips 2021

Stop doing the same mistake, taking a resume as a formal document, which you must provide to a hiring manager. You are not only sending a resume via application form. You are selling your candidacy. The more creative, tailored and interesting it will be for the reader, the more chances you will get to be invited for an interview. Change completely your approach to this document to get more chances. 

2 Contact information is up to date

Resume tips 2021

Many job seekers doing the same mistake, when applying their resume with an incorrect contact information in their CV’s. The problem is so widespread, that in some cases hiring managers are trying to find the best candidates using social profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Before you send your CV to a hiring manager, it’s a good idea to check everything. Create such a check-list which could help you to avoid such mistakes. 

What should you include there:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Cell number
  • Actual email address

3 Career path master file

Resume tips 2021

Most of us starting to write a resume in two cases. First case – when you are still working, but decide to change position suddenly. The second one – when you are already quit a company and start writing a resume. 

A key problem here – you need to remember everything, while you are writing your resume at the moment. It’s not an easy task, especially when it comes to last three, five or more years…

A good solution here is to run your own career master file with important notes, which could be useful for you, when you will start writing or updating a resume. 

4 Intro line on the top of resume

Resume tips 2021

Outstanding approach, which will stand out your CV from a crowd. All you need to do is to add a couple of catchy phrases or words on the top of your resume document. Something, which will describe you as a pretty strong specialist and grab the hiring manager’s attention.

5 The most important information above the fold

Resume tips 2021

An amazing way to prioritize your resume content. It’s not a secret and you probably already knew about six seconds resume test. The main idea of the test is to catch the hiring manager’s attention in six seconds. If you know how to do it, you have much more chances to get an invitation to an interview. If not – you resume is going to a trash pile. 

That’s why it’s really important to place the most important resume content above the fold. When recruiters scanning a document, they are doing it top down. The more interesting information you’ll place on the top of the document, the more chances you have to interest your reader.

6 Mix experience with figures

Resume tips 2021

No one could understand how good specialist you are, until you could help hiring managers with some figures. Describing your key responsibilities try to add some data, which could help your reader to understand, whether it was a good result or not. 

Key responsibilities without any data and figures, which could bring more understanding are useless. That’s why sometimes, even experienced candidates, do not get any feedback from a hiring managers after already applied resume. 

7 Use a professional resume format

Resume tips 2021

Writing a resume could be much more easier for you, when you are going to use a professional resume template. There are more than enough information to make a decision with resume layout is right for you. 

Analyse your career path. Find out which resume format would suit you the most and use it. The more professional your resume template is, the more chances you have to get a new job.

8 Skills are matters

Resume tips 2021

Both soft and hard skills are important. Don’t believe those people, who would say that hiring managers do not pay attention to them. 

Skills are important! Split them into two different sections. First one for soft skills. Another one for hard skills. Depends on resume format, place them into a resume.

9 One-page resume as a rule

Resume tips 2021

They are not going to read the hole resume from the beginning to the end. Professional recruiters simply don’t have enough time for that. That’s why it’s really important to help then with a content they’d like to get.

One page resume is today’s standard. The less information you can place to a one page without losing it’s quality, the better resume you get at the end. 

10 Update / Create LinkedIn profile

Resume tips 2021

Increase online presence. Are you still not online? It’s time to think about your personal LinkedIn profile or to update current if it already exists. First of all, it’s a common thing to include a link to your linkedIn profile into your resume, The second reason – you can simply increase a reach of people, who can see your resume online while scanning different candidates.

11 References upon request

Resume tips 2021

One of the most irritating phrase among all the weird stuff candidate’s include in their resumes. If hiring manager would like to get a real references, he/she will not ask you to provide them. They would simply do that on their own. 

12 Easy to read

Resume tips 2021

Writing a resume in 2021 pay enough attention to resume format and layout. Keep in mind, that you are crafting a CV to somebody who is going to read it. Using to creative or complicated resume format could simply increase your chances to see it in a trash pile. 

Creative, but easy to read at the same time. Avoid using some creative or rare fonts in resume. Use the most popular like Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, etc. Use medium size font – 12 px. 

13 Exclude photo from a resume

Resume tips 2021

We are not going to deep into a topic about descrimination by age. Hiring manager is not allowed to ask about a photo in resume, if it does not exist. Only in cases, when your position requires it.

If somebody is asking you about a photo, you can simply reject such request, without explaining the reason. The less information they know about you during a screening process,  the better it is for you. 

14 Ask somebody to review your resume

Resume tips 2021

If you have somebody who you can rely on and he/she is ready to provide you feedback, ask to review your resume. If you don’t have such a person, you can use professional resume writing services, asking them to do a resume critique or resume review.

15 Keywords instead Buzzwords

Resume tips 2021

We’re sure you have already used buzzwords, while writing your resume. It’s not bad at all and in some cases, it’s even good if you’re applying for junior or middle positions. In case you’re senior specialist and looking for a top position – remove them from your CV.

Goal oriented, easy to manage, team worker… and everything else should be removed from your CV. You simply don’t need it. Want to increase conversion and hack an ATS – it’s better to use keywords in your resume.

16 Update resume content

Resume tips 2021

You would never know when you will need your resume next time. That’s why it’s really important to keep your CV up to date. Create a simple rule to update your CV on the monthly basis. It would not take much time, but would save it for you in the future. 

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